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Tim Patch aka Pricasso was born in the United Kingdom.

He attended Oakwood Preparatory School in Chichester and then went on to attend Bembridge School on the Isle of Wight. After Bembridge, Patch went on to study at the Portsmouth College of Art and the Royal West of England Academy. Unable to earn a degree in fine arts he attended furniture design courses and became a builder.

In 1977 he migrated from the United Kingdom to Australia and from 1978 to 1982 he exhibited woodcarvings and other artworks in art galleries. In 1984 Patch established Hellfire Pottery with his sister, which produced various pottery and ceramic works. In 2002, Patch began work on building a Gaudí-style house and art gallery, and during this same period he began working as a portrait and caricature artist in markets inQueensland.

Patch states that he conceived of the idea of painting with his penis in 2005. Inspired after watching Puppetry of the Penis, he drew a smiley face in the back of a urinal with his penis and then decided to attempt it at home using paint. After telling a friend of his work, she had him paint at a 2005 New Year's Eve party on a dare. In 2006, Patch chose the name of "Pricasso" – a portmanteau of "prick" (a slang term for penis) and "Picasso". Get your personalised portrait painted by this genius artisan at Stand 160 only at Sexpo 2016.